Geoff Pado

Updates coming soon (Update: Eventually.). Until then, enjoy this heavily-corrected version of the original.

About Me

My name is Geoff Pado. I’m a software developer based out of Columbia, MO. (Update: Seattle, WA) I build mobile apps for all the major platforms, desktop apps for OS X and Windows, and server-side backends for… whatever you can get to run Ruby, I guess. (Update: I’m now basically all-in on iOS for mobile, and my server-side love is more in Clojure these days than Ruby.)

Getting Started

In 2003, I began developing Mac apps. It was then that I learned to develop for Apple platforms and gained an appreciation for what made a great user experience. When the iPhone SDK was released in 2008, I picked it up immediately. I worked with journalism students at the University of Missouri to develop one of the first local news apps for the iPhone, and we launched it in the App Store on the day it opened.

Shortly before graduating, I was hired by Newsy, a journalism startup in Columbia, MO. There, I was in charge of their entire development department, building or overseeing apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. I also built several in-house applications that dramatically improved the production process for Newsy’s editorial department.


In 2008, mere weeks after the App Store launched, I partnered with a designer friend named Ollie Wagner to build Kineo, a simple “flipbook”-style animation app. While that app no longer exists, the company that it spawned does: Cocoatype.

When I graduated and took my job at Newsy, we wound Cocoatype down and shut down the apps it built. After I left, however, my focus immediately turned to bringing Cocoatype back. Today, Cocoatype does mobile app and server consulting projects, and I’m looking to bring it back into the business of building amazing direct-to-consumer apps as well. (Update: Cocoatype went on indefinite hiatus after I took my current job at L4 Digital)

In the Tubes

You can find me most often on Twitter (Update: not anymore). If you’re looking to hire developers, you can find my résumé on this website, or take a look at my Stack Overflow Careers page. Code I’ve written can be found on both Github and Bitbucket.