Geoff Pado

Black Highlighter — May 1st, 2019

We’re getting closer and closer to a real app every day now. During this session, I built up the last of the pieces needed to start actually redacting text in images: detecting individual characters, and identifying which characters have been selected for redaction.

Detecting individual characters is an important part of providing an actually-useful experience. Only being able to redact whole text objects at a time means that you can’t hide single words in a line of text, for example. Fortunately, the Vision framework already did the heavy lifting for us; we just needed to store and visualize that content.

Identifying which characters have been selected was a little trickier. We can’t just check which text boxes are intersected by the path we draw. For one, a path is just a series of points; it’s entirely possible for a line to contain points on either side of a text box without containing any point in the box itself. For another, the path object vailable to us is effectively zero width. We draw a much wider path to make it easier to select what you want. To accomplish the selection, we create a new path that encloses the shape of our drawn path, and then we find all the character boxes whose centers lie within that path. This isn’t a perfect solution; it’s possible to miss a character in a line because you didn’t quite hit the center, but it’s performant and quick to implement. I’ll probably experiment with other solutions in future versions.

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