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Kineo Open Beta

tl;dr: go join the Kineo beta

Seriously, What is Happening with PencilKit?

Apple “resolved” the PencilKit issue… by making it even harder to support it.

What Happened to PencilKit?

Apple’s latest release notes ask developers to refrain from attempting to submit apps linking PencilKit to the App Store. What’s the story here? Why are developers asked not to submit apps linking PencilKit?

Detecting Pets with the iOS Vision Framework

Apple’s WWDC has recently come and gone, leaving a trail of new technologies in its wake. With so many big announcements from Apple this year, it’s no surprise that some of the smaller features Apple announced went unnoticed for a while. One of these, however, Rover found and started working with shortly after the conference ended: animal detectors.

My First 20 Minutes in an iOS Project

I’m someone that likes to create a lot of small app projects whenever an idea strikes me. Like, a lot of app projects. Most of them don’t really go anywhere, but I’ve gotten pretty good at starting things, and I’d like to publicly document the steps that I take to get a new iOS project off the ground.

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