Geoff Pado

Finding your iPhone with HomePod

On Friday night, I did something I’ve done hundreds of times before: misplaced my iPhone. Not in any concerning way; it was somewhere in my house, just… I didn’t know where. Almost as a joke, I decided to ask my HomePod: “Hey Siri, where’s my iPhone?” Of course, I got a disappointing answer: “Sorry, I can’t find phones here.”

Adding GitLab CI Support

I recently made a post detailing several continuous integration systems and the one I ultimately decided on: GitLab CI. Today, I’m pulling another one of my projects over to the new service, and I thought I’d put together a play-by-play on what exactly I’m doing to build and deploy this project with GitLab CI.

Exploring Alternatives to buddybuild

Last week, the amazing mobile continuous integration service buddybuild was acquired by Apple. I’ve been using buddybuild for nearly a year now to build all of my personal side projects such as Scrawl Notes and Scrawl Pouch. Their ease of setup and level of service and support far outstrips anything else I’ve seen, and it’s easy to understand why Apple snapped them up.

Porting an iOS app to Windows

Over the last two weekends, I ported my iOS app Scrawl Notes to Windows. Specifically, to the Universal Windows Platform, which encompasses Windows desktop, Windows Phone (RIP), Xbox, HoloLens, and more.

React Native !== JavaScript

I’ve lately been working on a blog post for my employer detailing the benefits and drawbacks of React Native (found here). One thing that keeps coming up in my discussions with co-workers is that a major drawback to React Native is JavaScript. But that’s not a drawback of React Native at all.

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