Geoff Pado

Scrawl Notes

Scrawl Notes is an app to store temporary text content that you don’t want to keep around forever. Long story short, it’s a text box with a lock screen widget.

I use Scrawl Notes as a developer playground to play with new OS technologies. Since initially shipping Scrawl Notes, I’ve continually updated it with new features, including 3D Touch, iCloud sync, Siri integration, etc. Scrawl Notes is also available on macOS and Windows.


Finder is an open-source app for triggering “Find My iPhone” alerts via HomePod. It uses SiriKit’s messaging intent, presenting your iCloud-connected devices as “contacts”. A user tells HomePod to send a message using Finder, and Finder hits a reverse-engineered iCloud API to play a sound on the requested device.

Scrawl Pouch

Scrawl Pouch is an iPad app that provides a “shelf” to temporarily store dragged items. Inspired by Federico Vittici’s concept video, Scrawl Pouch was developed during the iOS 11 beta season and shipped alongside iOS 11’s launch.

BOSEbuild Sound

At L4 Digital, I was part of a team working with Bose to build an iOS companion app for the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube. The app communicates with the Speaker Cube over Bluetooth Low Energy to play sounds, flash lights, and detect accessories. As an educational app, we also teach children through a number of complex vector animations, created with PaintCode and Core Animation.

Black Highlighter

Black Highlighter is a simple text redaction app. Using iOS’s text detection vision APIs, Black Highlighter locates text in your photos and screenshots, and allows you to swipe over them to cleanly and completely redact the content. Once you’ve covered it up, it’s possible to share it out via the standard iOS share sheet, or save it back to your photo library.


The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) is a union of cancer research specialists and doctors who are dedicated to the improvement and well-being of their patients. At L4 Digital, I worked on a team delivering the Caresi iOS app to improve the experience of SCCA patients.


At Newsy, I was responsible for either building or managing development of applications on all mobile and OTT platforms. This included iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Roku, and more. I was the lead developer on our applications for iOS (including separate apps for iPhone and iPad) and Windows, and managed third-party vendors who built the others. I also worked closely with our web developers to define the API that all applications used to get the data they needed.

WWDC Parties

WWDC Parties was a website I ran for seven years that tracked the parties and events surrounding Apple’s annual developer conference. WWDC Parties was my playground for playing with various web technologies. Through it, I learned HTML, CSS, Ruby, Clojure, etc. Beginning in 2014, I was joined by designer Emily Stewart, who made the website significantly easier on the eyes.

WWDC Parties shut down in 2017.