Geoff Pado

I’m a senior software developer with a focus on iOS applications.

Senior Software Engineer @ L4 Digital March 2015 – June 2018

At L4 Digital, I worked on projects for clients both large and small. I worked closely with clients and all members of our delivery team: project management, quality assurance, design, etc. For the largest of these (a project which spanned ten months and five developers) I was technical lead, in charge of making development design decisions.

I was also platform lead for the iOS platform. This entailed running a monthly meeting keeping the other iOS developers at L4 up to speed on our iOS projects, teaching new techniques, and leading discussion of news in the iOS community. I took the initiative to draft L4’s first coding standards for the Swift programming language, and continued to maintain them since, through major changes to the language.

Director of App Development @ Newsy May 2011 – May 2014

At Newsy, I was responsible for either building or managing development of applications on all mobile and OTT platforms. This included iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Roku, and more. I was the lead developer on our applications for iOS (including separate apps for iPhone and iPad) and Windows, and managed third-party vendors who built the others. I also worked closely with our web developers to define the API that all applications used to get the data they needed.

I also worked closely with actual newsroom staff. This resulted in my conceiving, designing, and building of two completely custom in-house applications that massively improved the efficiency (and happiness!) of both the writers and anchors.

Other Experience

I’m a recurring speaker at Xcoders in Redmond, WA. I’ve given long-form talks on continuous integration and accessibility, and several short “lightning” talks on other topics.

Between my jobs at Newsy and L4 Digital, I did independent consulting, but ultimately decided it wasn’t a great fit for me.

I’ve got multiple apps in both the iOS and macOS app stores: Scrawl Notes, Scrawl Pouch, and Black Highlighter.

In 2010, I did an internship at Apple, where I worked with the Mac OS X System Applications team.


Fluent in both Objective-C and Swift. Additionally fluent in Clojure and Ruby for server-side development. Especially strong with user interface, including custom animation work. Comfortable with frameworks and design paradigms for all Apple platforms (including macOS!). Have experience with Docker and React Native.