Geoff Pado

I’m a highly-experienced mobile developer with a focus on iOS applications.

Software Engineer III @ Rover June 2018 – Today

At Rover, I work on the developer platform, focused primarily on mobile. My role is to improve the developer experience for Rover’s other mobile developers. For example, I cut our iOS test run times from almost two hours to just under 30 minutes. I’ve also helped build and define components for our design system, to help make the Rover app a more consistent experience for both developers and users.

A major project I took on was the improvement of our mobile release process. When I joined, releases took a whole day to perform, which made releases rare and unpredictable. Under my leadership, releases are now mostly automated, and performed on a regular two-week (soon to be weekly) schedule.

Senior Software Engineer @ L4 Digital March 2015 – June 2018

At L4 Digital, I worked on mobile projects for clients, communicating closely with them and all members of our delivery team. For one large project which spanned ten months and five developers, I was technical lead, in charge of making development design decisions.

I was also platform lead for the iOS platform. This involved keeping other developers updated on current projects, teaching new techniques, and leading discussion of news in the iOS community. I drafted L4’s first coding standards for the Swift programming language and maintained them through major changes to the language.

Director of App Development @ Newsy May 2011 – May 2014

At Newsy, I was responsible for either building or managing development of apps on approximately 10 mobile and OTT platforms. I was the lead developer on our apps for iPhone, iPad, and Windows. I managed external vendors who built the others, including defining the API that all apps used.

I also worked closely with newsroom staff, which resulted in the creation of two in-house apps that improved the efficiency (and happiness!) of writers and anchors.

Other Experience

I’m a host for the Xcoders iOS developer meetup in Redmond, WA, where I’ve given long-form talks on continuous integration and accessibility, and several short “lightning” talks on other topics.

On the side, I develop my own personal apps; I currently have five apps in the App Store. I live-stream my development of these apps on Twitch, interacting with others who are interested in mobile development.


Expert in both Objective-C and Swift. Comfortable with frameworks and design paradigms for all Apple platforms (including macOS!). Experience with Docker and Kubernetes for server deployment. Familiar with development in React Native. Other known languages include Ruby, Clojure, C#, TypeScript, and Kotlin.